URLLoader not triggering ProgressEvent and ErrorsEvent in On Windows platforms

URLLoader not triggering ProgressEvent and IOErrorEvent in On Windows platforms,but triggering Event.complete,is work fine all on flash,
openf versions:3.22
someone help me please

To my knowledge, it should use the ProgressEvent:

However, IOErrorEvent might not be implemented, I’m not sure, on native. Do you have an example of something we can use to recreate the problem you’re having?

I load the local file,and find has not ProgressEvent on windows
I read the URlLoader code,it’s implemented only on loading of network resources ?

loader = new URLLoader();
loader.addEventListener( Event.COMPLETE, onComplete);
loader.addEventListener( ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, progress);
loader.addEventListener( IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, error);

var urlRequest = new URLRequest(“1.dat”);
urlRequest.method = URLRequestMethod.GET;

private function progress(event:ProgressEvent):void
trace(“progress”)//no trace on windows when I load local file

Oh, a local file, no, there’s no progress for that. Perhaps we could dispatch a progress event of 100% just before firing the COMPLETE event? We don’t get progress on a local file read, it should be very fast anyway