URLLoader and poor internet connection

I don’t really have much information on why it’s happening, but sometimes URLLoader return 0 errorID and crash my game on poor internet connection on Android target.
Maybe it doesn’t handle some error properly?
Did anyone have such problem?

I recently resolved an issue where the timeout setting for lime.net.HTTPRequest (which powers openfl.net.URLLoader) was applied to the entire request – not just on connecting. This was resolved in 3.7.3, so if you install the latest Lime it may help with this issue :smiley:

I’m using Lime 3.7.3 and still have this issue. :frowning:

Can you handle the error and try again when this occurs?

Yep, I’ll get back when I have more details.
As for now, I couldn’t even see any stack trace when it happens.

There’s a crash fix in 3.7.4 when rewinding a sound. I’m not sure it would be related, but it’s a known crash fix

Thank you, I’ll check it out.