URGENT: Cannot do any projects after updating to OpenFl 9.1.0

Had this same type of problem before. I use Visual Studio Code for macOS. I updated OpenFL to 9.1.0, Lime to 7.9.0 and Haxe to 4.0.5. After restarting VSC, under Haxe Dependencies it only listed the old versions of openfl and lime. Removed those versions, restarted VSC and now only haxe (4.0.5) is listed. Tried everything I did before, and I still only get haxe (4.0.5).

When I do lime upgrade openfl I get:
openfl is up to date
lime is up to date
hxcpp is up to date
lime-samples is up to date
openfl-samples is up to date
actuate is up to date
box2d is up to date
layout is up to date

Can someone give me the exact list of commands to type for using Terminal to properly install/reinstall openfl, lime, hxcpp, etc.

If VSC still doesn’t list openfl and lime in the Haxe Dependencies, what do I need to do in VSC to make to get them listed. The pertinent extensions I have installed in VSC are Lime 1.4.2 and Haxe Manager 0.4.5.

Thanks in advance!

Try latest haxe 4.2.2.

Tried that, didn’t work. Tried installing different versions of OpenFl, Lime and Haxe. The only combination that worked was Lime 7.7.0, OpenFl 8.9.6 and Haxe 4.0.5.

I’m on Haxe 4.0.5, OpenFl 9.0.2, Lime 7.8.0, hxcpp 4.1.15. Working ok.