Updating the showcase

Hey guys,

It’s been long delayed, but I’ve gotten back into the groove of pulling updates to the showcase. Did you know it’s all open-source? Cool, huh?

You can make a pull request to add your title to the showcase. First, you need to add your data to the _showcase.yml file, here:


Please don’t put your game before Papers, Please, try mixing it into the page. I think we’ll have future updates that will make the order more dynamic, but for now, be fair about where you put it :cat:

The showcase images (large and small) go here:

Ideally, you’ll want more of a showcase graphic, which includes the title of your game, similar to box art, and less like a standard screen grab. but don’t stress too much.

We don’t always include every title, but generally if you’ve made something you’d like to show we’d be happy to share it :slight_smile:


I just added new showcase in _showcase.yml file, but i dont know how to add image. sorry i never use github :smile:

Make a 460x224 image and a 230x112 image. Place the former in images/showcase/large and the latter in images/showcase/small.

Apparently both have to be jpg images, so to avoid losing data, please put the source version in _assets/images/showcase. (It doesn’t have to be fully editable; you just need to use lossless compression.)

You can use PNG, but it’s better to use JPG if it’s going to be a smaller file size.

If you have both the images done, plus your YML data, and post it here on the forums, then perhaps someone would be able to help with posting it. It’s creating good showcase graphics in the proper size, and assembling all the data, that takes the most time

is it allowed if it’s just a WIP student graduation project?

something like this
*sorry if this game looks bad

haha, looks cute :smile:

Better if it’s games that are finished and uploaded somewhere, but it certainly doesn’t matter whether it was a student project or not :slight_smile:

I noticed there’s a couple exceptions before Papers, Please :wink:

Just wondering, how does one decide how to be fair with one’s own project at this point? To me, newest-at-the-top is fair enough, but your phrasing made me think twice. I recognize Papers, Please and Madden are big deals but I’m out of the loop with regards to a lot of the other games in the showcase, if I’m supposed to somehow judge my relative AAA-ness here :slight_smile:

only game-titles alowed there ? ; )=

mhm, i think : free software games should be on separate page ( to “play on click” ! + “link” to extend game-experience by hacking gamesourcecode ) … that “commercial” titles looks more like “supermarket” to buy next :beer:

We need to design an updated showcase, that does a better job of showcasing content that are not games. TiVo, Stencyl and Flixel are obvious omissions :wink:

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I noticed there’s a new structure just these last couple weeks. I want to add a game tomorrow after we release it. How can I tell whether it warrants being “featured” or not?

@singmajesty Could you explain what should be included in a pull request with the current structure of the showcase? Just _my_game_.md and a couple of images? What about the order in which games are displayed and the featured property?
Thanks in advance!


Yes – It should be a Markdown file, appropriately named (“Rocket Riders” would be "rocket-riders.md)

I have a PSD source, then two output images (small and large) for each showcase title. You can submit a pull request without a source PSD, though – the image files are the most important.

I ask that images stay “PG rated”, though usually that’s not a problem.

Don’t worry about ‘featured’, that’s what we use to control what goes on the front page of the showcase, like Madden NFL or Mino Monsters

Thank you :slight_smile:

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This topic should be pinned to Showcase category!

Updated instructions here:

Thanks :grin: