Updated OpenFL, programs won't run

Every since I updated OpenFL (and LIME), I get this error message when I try to run my programs:

`C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/openfl/6,0,1/openfl/geom/Matrix.hx:6: characters 7-28 : Type not found : lime.utils.ObjectPool`

What version of Haxe are you using?

Can you run haxelib info lime to see what version is installed, and where? Can see if lime/utils/ObjectPool.hx exists there?

We need Haxe 3.2.1 or greater, so there’s a chance there might be a problem if you use an older version of Haxe

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Of course, thank you. I had, indeed, downloaded lime 5.3.0, but didn’t realize you need to set it via haxelib set lime 5.3.0

Thanks for your help.