Updated installer for Flash Player Debugger (Linux)

I have updated my old script to install Flash Player (the standalone “Content Debugger” projector version) on Linux and added an icon:

You can download the raw version of the script, mark it as executable (chmod +x ./flashplayerdebugger.sh) then run it.

It also includes a .desktop entry with an icon.

The first time you open a SWF file on your system (such as using openfl test flash), the default application will probably still be wrong. Here is how to make “Flash Player Debugger” the default on Gnome (and likely other managers)

  1. Go to a directory containing a SWF file (such as “Export/flash/bin” after running openfl build flash)
  2. Right-click on the SWF file, and select “Properties”
  3. Under “Open With”, select “Flash Player Debugger”
  4. Click “Set as Default”


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