Update effected images

Hi guys, just updated to the latest Lime + OpenFl and first off - fantastic that blends are now working really well for CPP native targets!

But since the update images now have a few pixels around their edges / outlines, like in this image:

Is this something this something I need to fix on my end or is this to do with the update and will be solved soon? The image was displaying correctly before the update. And it seems to occur for images when I use Assets.getBitmapData(…) and is on both PC and Mac.


Are you using -Dlegacy? I think it’s always had this problem (due to lack of premultiplied alpha)

Hi thanks for replying :smile:
No I am not using -Dlegacy, I literally just updated and the issue arised. No other changes.

Hmm, is there any kind of blending or filter being used on this, or is it just a standard bitmap?

It does look like it doesn’t it? But no, the tileflags do not include any blending, and I don’t use any filters. This also just happens when I use Assets.getBitmapData(…) and then drawtriangles as well as tilesheets.drawTileData()
Is this not something you are seeing elsewhere?

Oh, you know what, try and make this fix, see if it helps:

Mr Granick, you are an absolute hero - that solved the problem! :slight_smile: Is this fix going to be included in the next update? Thanks!

Yes! Its already on git, and slated to go out when things are ready :success: