Unwanted graphics drawn by previously set DrawingStyles

Hey there,
So basically in my knowledge , beginGradientFill and beginFill sets Drawing/Filling values
and After these, whenever Drawrect and such line is introduced, the graphics are drawn using the values that were set.

After the graphics are drawn, the Drawing Style that were set, still exists, And now to draw anything more how would I clear the Styles without instead clearing the graphics drawn?

have clumsily tried very much, and adding “Endfill()” before drawing any kind of new drawing line, does the work.
Having failed many times and discovered failure with each kind of solution I tried, I want to know whether my assumption of Endfill() that it removes DrawingStyles is correct or there’s any thing i’m missing?


No, I believe endFill or a new beginFill would do it :slight_smile:

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thanks very much! :slight_smile: