Untyped problem

Not strictly OpenFl related, was watching Hugh Sanderson video on “magic” and decided to try it.

untyped __global__.MessageBox(0, "Hello", "Title", 0);

throws :

Error: Main.cpp
./src/i/m/a/Main.cpp(41) : error C2039: ‘MessageBox’ : is not a member of ‘`global namespace’’
./src/i/m/a/Main.cpp(41) : error C3861: ‘MessageBox’: identifier not found

Error: Build failed
Build halted with errors (haxe.exe).

Has anything changed about this, everywhere I look tells me it should be working. Do I have to include some header files ? Any pointers would be awesome… I’m kind of lost.

Try stage.window.alert ("Hello", "Title"); :smile:


src/i/m/a/Main.hx:62: characters 2-7 : Unknown identifier : stage

this is on haxe cpp project. :slight_smile:

Oh, Lime has alert box support on the Window class, if you’re okay with using Lime or OpenFL?

Yeah, no problem with using any of them. Was just trying to access native and its not happening, don’t know what I’m missing.

Probably a missing header, see this example test:

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Got it. Thanks.

@:headerCode("#include <windows.h>")