'Unknown identifier: flash' lime error when writing code

Am getting an error while writing code (target is HTML5). At compile time it works fine with no issues. This error pops up every time I use period (.) when it would pop up with a code completion window… sometimes this blocks code completion from working.

–macro:1: character 0 : Unknown identifier : flash
C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/lime/2,0,6/lime/graphics/Font.hx:14: characters 2-11 : Build failure

I am using this setup in my project, the fault seems to be with lime package though:
openfl 2.2.4
lime 2.0.6
actuate 1.8.1
spritesheet 1.2.0

All my source code uses the openfl package (openfl.display.xyz), so am wondering if there’s just some remnants of flash namespace in lime when it should be openfl?

Again, it all works fine when I compile/run, but just wanted to bring this up.


I’m having trouble hunting this down, do you have a specific project that this occurs in, or does it occur even in basic OpenFL samples?

Interestingly on another different project I get this error, triggered the same was as mentioned above (using dot to trigger code completion):

Error: Could not process argument #–macro
Class name must start with uppercase character

On this second project, it is always this one error that shows up. On the first project (my first post), it is always that exact error. It never will mix and match.

I will try a few more projects tomorrow to see if anything else triggers. All projects are using the same libs as mentioned above and openfl 2.

Edit: Confirmed this is happening across different computers.
Edit 2: I tried upgrading lime today and it still happens;
–macro:1: character 0 : Unknown identifier : flash
C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/lime/2,1,0/lime/graphics/Font.hx:14: characters 2-11 : Build failure

The only time I see flash in that class is the compiler flag use. Give that it says character 0, maybe it’s that for some reason? Am wondering if others are experiencing this? There’s nothing special I can think of about my setup.

I’m having this issue recently too, after having updated lime to 2.9.0 I think? (I used haxelib install haxeui and it updated lime at the same time).

It only occurs if targeting HTML5, everything is fine with the other targets.
I have Openfl 3.6.1 and lime 2.9.0 as stated.

@elFlashor Sorry for bringing up such an old topic, but I just found this same problem, and was able to find a fix. We’ll have correct code completion in the next release. Thank you :slight_smile:

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