Unit tests using openfl and buddy test framework

anyone have managed to run buddy based unit tests that import openfl files ?

I tried to run nodejs based runner that uses terminal as output, but could be openfl haxe could not be run un nodejs environment.

anyone have any other suggestions? maybe other targets that could be run with buddy ?

I use haxe 4.2.2 and openfl 9.1.0

/usr/local/lib/haxelib/openfl/9,1,0/src/openfl/text/_internal/ShapeCache.hx:41: characters 7-14 : Unknown identifier : wordKey

/usr/local/lib/haxelib/openfl/9,1,0/src/openfl/text/_internal/ShapeCache.hx:37: characters 3-56 : Missing return: Array<openfl.text._internal.GlyphPosition>