Unicode no more work in html5 text

After I upgraded to openFL 4.7.3, lime 3.7.2 , unicode text is not visible:

openFL 4.2.0: (notice micro symbole)

openFL 4.7.3, lime 3.7.2: (notice micro symbole is not visible)

Also, notice zero letter is not visible in this example:

But, it was visible before:

Another example for other letters:

But, it was visible before upgrade:

Anyone can help please?

Shall open an issue at github?

It may be related to this:

Though I wonder if the issue is on the rendering side, not the string parsing

I have installed haxe 3.4, I got the same result

Ok, I have fixed it the hard way, I have used TextField class of version 4.2, and everything works fine now!

So you replaced openfl.text.TextField, and left the internal TextEngine or TextField rendering classes in place, and that resolves your problem, or did you replace more files? Thanks :slight_smile:

No, Only the openfl.text.TextField was replaced, I took the one of 4.2 into 4.7, and my problems with text in html5 has gone away, of course, I had to do minor changes in openfl.text.TextField version 4.2 that is adding dummy getter and setter for __displayAsPassword and replaced some Explicit types into `Dynamics’ to avoid adding more files.

It’s really strange, as some simple text like K or M did not show up in the TextField of 4.7…