Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'get_frameRate')


Some times, I get this error reported:

my_project.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'get_frameRate')
    at _0x13b57c.__updateMouseDrag (my_project.js:1:1181946)
    at _0x13b57c.this_onEnterFrame (my_project.js:1:1199320)
    at _0x416ca9.__dispatchEvent (my_project.js:1:249515)
    at _0x416ca9.__dispatch (my_project.js:1:280743)
    at _0x416ca9.__broadcastEvent (my_project.js:1:3330656)
    at _0x416ca9.__onLimeRender (my_project.js:1:3355901)
    at _0x12dd41.dispatch (my_project.js:1:2555014)
    at _0x7139e2.handleApplicationEvent (my_project.js:1:224540)

I am out of ideas how to debug this or how to fix it, as its our of my application scope.
I am using:

hxcpp: [4.2.1]
hxp: [1.2.1]
layout: [1.2.1]
lime-samples: [7.0.0]
lime: 7.6.3 [7.8.0] 7.9.0
mlib: [2.0.3]
mloader: [2.2.5]
msignal: [1.2.5]
openfl-samples: [8.7.0]
openfl: 8.9.2 8.9.7 9.0.2 [9.1.0]
stablexui: [1.2.4]
svg: [1.1.3]
swf: 2.3.1 [3.0.2]

Any help would. be highly appreciated.

I think that this change I committed a couple of weeks ago will fix your issue:

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Thanks @joshtynjala, I will try that. I didn’t know that __updateMouseDrag is in TextField class

It seems that the develop branch is not compatible with swf library ? as I got this error:

/usr/local/lib/haxe/lib/swf/3,0,2/src/swf/exporters/animate/AnimateSpriteSymbol.hx:41: characters 13-26 : Class<openfl.display.MovieClip> has no field __constructor

I’ve never used the swf library, so I can’t help much there. Maybe you need to use the dev version of that too?

Hi @hopewise, 3.0.2 and OpenFL Development version does not compatible.

Please downgrade your OpenFL version to 9.1.0

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