Uncaught ReferenceError: lime is not defined

I’m experiencing some issues with openfl’s html5 compile. If I close a current project, let’s name it ‘project01’ (using Flashdevelop) and I open another one (whatever other haxe project) and then I want to go back working on my ‘project01’, I just open it back up and compile html5 I get this error:
The error is referencing my previous project (TestFlashDevelop), which I am not compiling. I can’t compile my ‘project01’ to html5. Unless I delete the bin folder and it will work fine, but every time I want to change projects I have to do that.
Here is my haxelib list:

Note: I reinstalled my windows because of this issue (and because it was time), but I’m still experiencing it.

If the error is within your web browser, press ctrl + f5 to refresh the page.

it happens with me too and it seems a problem with Flash develop itself because if you left old project files opened and open a new or other project it will compile the old project not the one you opened,

but to test the project i use :

openfl test html5 [-v] [-final] [-clean]