Uncaught exception - Invalid operation. when drawing rectangular

Hello, I was trying to create a easy way of creating a rectangular but when I tried my code it gave me the error:
G:/Haxe/haxe/lib/openfl/3,5,3/openfl/utils/ByteArray.hx:7: characters 7-23 : Typ e not found : lime.utils.Bytes


` package;

 import openfl.display.Sprite;
 import openfl.events.MouseEvent;
 import openfl.display.SimpleButton;
 import openfl.display.DisplayObject;

class Main extends Sprite {

private var button:Button;
private var st:Rect2D;
private var hv:Rect2D;
private var cl:Rect2D;

public function new () {
	super ();


public function init() {
	fillBackGround(0xff00ff, 640, 960);

	st = new Rect2D(20, 30, 0xffffff);

	// hv = new Rect2D(20, 30, 0xff00ff);
	// cl = new Rect2D(20, 30, 0xff0000);

	// addChild(st);
	// addChild(hv);
	// addChild(cl);

	// button = new Button(hv, cl, st, 20, 20);
	// button.button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, click);
	// addChild(button);

public function fillBackGround(color:Int, w:Int, h:Int) {
	this.graphics.drawRect(0, 0, w, h);

public function click(e:MouseEvent) {




import openfl.display.Sprite;

class Rect2D extends Sprite {

public var ww:Int;
public var hh:Int;
public var cc:Int;

public function new(w:Int, h:Int, col:Int) {

	this.width = w;
	this.height = h;
	this.cc = col;

	this.graphics.drawRect(20, 50, this.ww, this.hh);




import openfl.display.Sprite;
import openfl.display.SimpleButton;

class Button extends Sprite {

public var button:SimpleButton;

public var hover:Sprite;
public var click:Sprite;
public var stat:Sprite;

public var xp:Int;
public var yp:Int;

public function new(h:Sprite, c:Sprite, s:Sprite, xx:Int, yy:Int) {
	this.hover = h;
	this.click = c;
	this.stat = s;
	this.xp = xx;
	this.yp = yy;

	button = new SimpleButton(this.stat, this.hover, this.click, this.stat);

public function tick() {
	hover.x = this.xp;
	hover.y = this.yp;
	click.x = this.xp;
	click.y = this.yp;
	stat.x = this.xp;
	stat.y = this.yp;


The error you posted looks unrelated to your drawing code. There were significant changes to Bytes and ByteArray in recent versions of Lime, make sure you have an up to date version of Lime. Since you’re running OpenFL 3.5.3, it looks like Lime 2.8.2 would be your best bet.

Since that’s the latest version right now, you can just run “haxelib upgrade lime”