UI/UX libraries focused on mobile?

There are any UI/UX libraries for Haxe/OpenFl, but focused on mobile experience?

I took a look at HaxeUI and StablexUI, but they are very generalist and I not saying that this is bad, but some special details that mobile users expect are missed. Like a horizontal carousel that works by dragging or the little bounce that the vertical scroll causes in the edges on iOS.

I also found way more resources on the web about Haxe/OpenFl for games (actually I didn’t found anything for applications), what do you think about some effort on Haxe for Mobile Applications?

I’m very happy with React Native, but my Flash background made me fall in love with Haxe, unfortunately it seams to be very popular only for games.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Is there a Flash UI library that you enjoy?

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Feathers does a pretty good job.

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Maybe a port of feathers would be the best approach, since Starling 1.8 is already ported

Still have work to do on Starling 2

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Since my last check on Starling forum, it seams that it is not on the radar of Startling/Feathers a port for Haxe.

Is it on the radar of OpenFl folks? :smiley:

IMHO still think that a development from scratch wold be better.

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I believe HaxeUI is a good project for moving forward for a new UI solution, or I would be interested in supporting a Feathers port in the future, perhaps after the Starling 2 port is solid?


Really don’t mind on a Feathers port if HaxeUI could enrich in a mobile components path.

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Howdy! Sorry, a bit late to the party… :slight_smile:

Out of interest, have you tried haxeui2 with mobile? It should now work much better for mobiles, ie, auto scaling based on DPI and touch interaction.

What other “mobile components” do you mean exactly? Dropdowns for example, wouldnt be too useful for mobile as they are certainly more "desktop"y at the moment - something that would be important to fix imo

Hi @IanHarrigan1982, glad to see a HaxeUI author on this thread.

What are the roadmap for HaxeUI as an UI library for mobile applications? Haven’t tried v2 yet, but examples of mobile components I mean things like Drawers, draggable Tabs, AppBars etc and components specially designed for touch gestures.

What about a side project, like “haxeui-mobile”, where components are designed following Material (Android) and Apple guidelines?

Or even further, a Haxe back-end that outputs native components like React Native and NativeScript does :star_struck:

Hi @leocavalcante,

There are certainly plans to make HaxeUI2 as mobile friendly as possible “out the box”, ideally, using css-ish only. As i mentioned, DPI and auto scaling should be fine, as well as “drag to scroll” (inertial scrolling is also implemented but isnt yet default - https://giphy.com/gifs/26xBzG5z4WnbPV6O4).

A haxeui-mobile could be interesting, however, then you end up with things like haxeui-openfl-mobile, haxeui-kha-mobile, etc… This could get messy very fast. An alternative would be things like:

.dropdown {
  mobile: true;


.dropdown {
  method: popup;

or whatever, then you could just do something like Toolkit.theme = "mobile", and no doubt some auto discovery mechanism could be worked out: Toolkit.theme = "auto" (something like that anyway)

As for native, its 100% possible. I have a half written haxeui-android (https://www.facebook.com/haxeui/posts/1015148378621060), and on desktop you can get native UI via haxeui-hxwidgets (https://www.facebook.com/haxeui/posts/1124355074367056) and / or haxeui-winforms (https://www.facebook.com/haxeui/photos/a.702469546555613.1073741828.702404916562076/1012150422254189/?type=3&theater)

So its all doable… just ofc takes time, something that is in limited supply recently.

Not sure if that really helps in anyway, but i guess the best answer i can give is: give haxeui2 a spin with haxeui-openfl and if there are any issues for it not working / being ideal for mobile apps then spam open issues - feedback is stupidily welcome at this stage. :wink:

Any custom components you come up with that are more “mobile friendly” also go along way to show holes in the current component suite.


Awesome, good to know it is on the plans for Haxe community, I’m willing to contribute as well.
Added HaxeUI/OpenFl into the tech pool for next project and will be making some “Hello Worlds” with it too.

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