UI-Editor with openfl and feathersUI

Hi guys
I started a UI-Editor with openfl and feathersUI in coronavirus quarantine :grin:. I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me your feedback.

Thanks a lot.


Hi, I tried to run the code but received this error:

src/feathers/controls/ButtonGroup.hx:3: characters 8-44 : Type not found : feathers.layout.HorizontalListLayout

I’m using the latest Haxe/Feathers/OpenFL on Ubuntu.
Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Try installing Feathers UI from Github instead of Haxelib. HorizontalListLayout is a new class that hasn’t been released on Haxelib yet. It will be included in the upcoming alpha.2 build.

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Thanks for your reply. I have feathersui version 1.0.0-alpha.1. How to install Feathers UI from Github? (Sorry, I’m new to Haxe)

Click the link that I included in my previous post for instructions. :blush:

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Thanks, I missed that link.
Just installed the FeathersUI prerelease. After running haxelib run openfl test html5
from the CLI this error comes up.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot create property '__id__' on number '3'
    at haxe_ds_ObjectMap.set (Canvas.js:1603)
    at feathers_controls_ButtonGroup.createItemRenderer (Canvas.js:9658)
    at feathers_controls_ButtonGroup.createItemRenderer (Canvas.js:9820)
    at feathers_controls_ButtonGroup.renderUnrenderedData (Canvas.js:9618)
    at feathers_controls_ButtonGroup.refreshItemRenderers (Canvas.js:9476)
    at feathers_controls_supportClasses_AdvancedLayoutViewPort.update (Canvas.js:16354)
    at feathers_controls_supportClasses_AdvancedLayoutViewPort.validateNow (Canvas.js:4359)
    at feathers_controls_supportClasses_AdvancedLayoutViewPort.validateNow (Canvas.js:4992)
    at feathers_controls_ButtonGroup.refreshViewPortBoundsForMeasurement (Canvas.js:8561)
    at feathers_controls_ButtonGroup.refreshViewPort (Canvas.js:8426)

How to fix this?
(I downloaded the latest UI-Editor from Github - the error remains)

Looks like @ManJav will need to help you with that one. The ButtonGroup component is a custom component that doesn’t exist in the core Feathers UI library.

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Bug fixed but I suggest you build on Flash or Hashlink targets, and Others not tested yet.
Please take into consideration It (UI-Editor) will complete in several months later.

Thanks, Josh and Andrefuchs.

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