Typescript command line unit tests?

Anybody per chance have a working example of starting with the “yo openfl” and then adding jest or jasmine or mocha or any kind of nice unit testing? What do I have to add to the webpack config, or the tsconfig.json, or etc.?

(Yes I am trying to figure it out myself and yes this maybe starts to get out from under the openfl responsibilities, but as yet remain lost in the weeds, and i expect the community would be better off if we can document it all… :slight_smile:

We have TypeScript unit tests running under the OpenFL source repository. I don’t know which of the NPM dependencies here are specific to running only TypeScript-based unit testing, but I presume it’s mocha, mocha-chrome (using that for headless testing on the command-line), and @types/mocha or @types/lodash plus typescript of course.

Here’s an example of unit tests that we have currently for OpenFL, we current cd into this path and run webpack to start the test