Type not found error when trying to import and use installed haxelibs

I have tried installing a few different haxelibs using : haxelib install
I use them in the code and then try : openfl test flash
but I get the error type not found.

I don’t know if this is related but openfl isn’t showing up in code completion in FlashDevelop.

I added the lib into the project.xml with
haxelib name="name"
is that the correct way ?


If something isn’t available in haxelibrary for example your own code package :

  • You will put it in the src directory of your project.

if something is available in haxelibrary for example a library you installed using [ haxelib install name]

  • you will put it’s tag in the Project.xml file
<source path="src" />
<haxelib name="openfl" />


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thank you brother :grinning:

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