Type not found : debugger.Local


I’m trying to debug my openfl project and I’m having trouble with importing classes from the hxcpp-debugger library.
I need to use the Local class (new debugger.Local(true)), but when I import it (import debugger.Local) I get the “Type not found : debugger.Local” error and compilation fails. This happens when I both use Intellij Idea and when I manually execute “openfl test windows”. If I enter the Local.hx file, the IDE tells me: “Invalid package name! ‘debugger’ should be ‘HaxeToolkit.haxe.lib.hxcpp-debugger.1,0,6.debugger’”.

I’m using openfl 3.3.2, lime 2.6.1, hxcpp-debugger 1.0.6 .

Do you need to include a haxelib in your project?