Two clicks issue

Am doing an “add-on” to a running application, I use it to manipulate the application to execute several timed commands that the running application makes taxing for the operator to do in sequence. It’s just a no border, always on top rectangle that fits in an empty space the application has.
My problem is as follows, the operator using the main application and the window on top of it that provides added functionality has to click two times before the buttons on the “add-on” register the click. I believe the first gains focus and the second actually registers the click. Is there any way to make the “add-on” running on top of the other software to register the button click on the first interaction with a mouse left button ?

Edit 1: forgot to mention, this is running on windows target

What version of Lime are you running? I believe that Lime 7 should have a change to allow the first click (which gives focus) to also fire a mouse event:

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This project is using:
openfl 7.1.2
lime 6.2.0
hxcpp 4.0.4
will try to bring it up to version 7.
Thanks singmajesty.

Note: Updated lime to 7.0.0, first click gives focus and fires the mouse event as singmajesty pointed out.