Twinspire, a free and open source editor catered for Haxe devs!

Twinspire is a work-in-progress editor for Haxe, an ambitious project that I wish to continue. Some features may be paid, but the first few editions will be free and open source. These features include:

  • Syntax highlighting for the following languages: Haxe, C/C++, JavaScript, HTML, C#, Lua, PHP, SQL, Visual Basic and XML.
  • Integrated Command Line (Input redirection is currently unavailable).
  • Error Handling for Haxe and compiled projects.
  • Shortcut keys for the editor: Go to, Find/Replace, Saving and Loading, Box Selection, Macros and more.
  • Build Configurations.

More features are to come, including a 2D/3D visual editor for web, level and scene design, data editor, debugging, profiling, auto-completion, and perhaps even live previewing/instantaneous feedback.

Currently, this editor is only available on Windows using the .NET Framework 4.5 or later. Once all the core features have been released, work will start on making it compatible with Mono. If HaxeUI/Quaxe comes along and features the GUI required to make a port work, perhaps the editor will be rewritten in Haxe.

Support the project on Patreon.

You can download, view docs and see the source here.

For those who could not recently install, the release section has been updated:

Happy coding! Feedback is highly appreciated!