Tweening engines suggestions

Hi all!
I am creating a particle system inside my project, and I’d like to use an efficient tweening engine that allows me to:

  • create timelines
  • handle colot transformations (even if in HTML5 there are a lot of limitations I prefer to anticipate the support for these features)
  • handle blendmodes (…)
  • ease configuration

I know TweenX, but it has not been updated in a while.
Does a list of the existing tweening engines exist?

Have you got suggestions about what I can use?


Have you tried Actuate ? the most used for openfl.

Maybe too simple for what you want.

No “timelines” feature for Actuate. But it’s easy to simulate it by using delay.

TweenX may work incorrectly with recent version of Haxe and OpenFL.
There is Delta, but it also updated long ago.

So currently Actuate is the only solution.

Ah, oh… so I am stuck with Actuate, ok, I was hoping I could use something more feature-rich instead of creating them by myself.
I miss Greensock library more and more.

@restorer: what do you mean when you say “may work incorrectly”?

I don’t remember exact details, but it didn’t work at all for my UI library (I use custom classes, not standard Sprite), but Actuate (and Delta) - works.

Delta has it own problems - Expo.easeInOut don’t work, and some other problems.

…I see…