Turn off pixel snapping?

How to turn off pixelsnapping?
Moving graphics slowly lookes very jagged, it seems there is no subpixel movement.
Can this behavior be turned off to enable smooth slow movement?

I’m targeting desktop / cpp

There aren’t a lot of good solutions to this, though using smoothing can help. Are you using legacy?

No I am not using legacy… Any difference there?.. Why is the pixelsnapping an issue really?.. What’s the underlying reason?

The only thing I’ve found that I really can move smooth without snapping is tilesheets…

Does smoothing=true or false make a difference with Bitmap?

ok, apparently for bitmaps using smoothing=true helps. Thats great, but what about other things, like vectorshapes and sprites?

In the development branch, I’ve changed how shapes are drawn to allow upscaling, if you are scaling or rotating this should help the quality (at the cost of a redraw), otherwise, I believe we handle shape like it has smoothing on by default

try my solution here PixelSnapping problem in HTML5

nice find! …but only works on html5?

i tried windows, and i think all gl rendering platforms works fine.

That’s awesome! @singmajesty… Would you consider making this a user option? … I was looking for ways to make slow animations smoother and this helps a lot :slight_smile:

It sounds like we should respect the value of PixelSnapping on bitmap to help determine whether to apply rounding, rather than all or nothing :slight_smile: