Turn based multiplayer in openfl (google play games services?)


This is a duplicate from the haxe mailinglist, but I was told I get better answers here.
I am looking for a good solution to add turn based multiplayer support
for my openfl based android/iOS game.

Now, the first thing that comes to mind is: Google Play Game Services.
And there is a repository:

But it is:

  1. Only for Android
  2. According to the documentation, not multilayer support. But looking
    at the code, that might not be 100% correct.

I could start from that repository and add multiplayer + iOS support,
but I am wondering. Anyone knows a better solution?


I´m looking in SmartFoxServer 2X, and NuggetServer, but need more time to make a demo, than will try to help you

Nug have support for Openfl but no examples:


there is an Haxelib for use SFS2X in haxelibs:


install haxelib for SFS2X:

this is little difenrent i think:


oh, thank you very much for the answer. I will look at both your suggestions.

Best regards,