TTF fonts won't display after upgrading to v9.1.0

Just tried to test an old openfl project I didn’t touch for about a year. Everything compiles but all the text fields only display the default font no matter what I do. I checked the 9.1.0 release note. I see there are some internal changes in the TextField class but didn’t spot any changes in the API. I’ve created a minimal project with a single text field:

import openfl.Assets;
import openfl.display.Sprite;
import openfl.text.TextField;
import openfl.text.TextFormat;

class Main extends Sprite {
	public function new() {

		final textField = new TextField();
		textField.setTextFormat(new TextFormat(Assets.getFont('assets/UbuntuMono-Regular.ttf').fontName));
		textField.text = 'Hello World';
		textField.autoSize = LEFT;

And that’s what I see running any target:
(Ignore the blurriness)

For reference Ubuntu Mono should look like that:

Downgrading to openfl 9.0.2, lime 7.8.0 and haxe 4.1.4 resolves the issue and the font displays properly.

Am I missing some API change?

OpenFL 9.1.0
Lime 7.9.0
Haxe 4.2.3

I’m also also running everything on Linux (Arch) if it matters.

Try textField.defaultTextFormat instead of setTextformat or do setTextFormat after setting text. I dont believe setTextFormat works if there is no text as it changes the text format of a range of text within the textfield.

As per the documentation: Applies the text formatting that the format parameter specifies to the specified text in a text field. At the time of calling the method, you have no text in the textfield because you’re setting textfield.text afterwards.

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Indeed. This did the trick. Thanks!

The behavior makes sense. But I used to setTextFormat before setting the text for years and it worked somehow :smile: Just checked some other old projects.

You’re actually correct. This behavior does seem to have changed after confirming it myself, but I believe it is the correct behavior. This is precisely why there is a defaultTextFormat and a setTextFormat method, separately in flash to begin with irrc.

Edit: After testing it with flash, this does seem to be the correct behavior. Now that I’m thinking about it, I do recall we changed this behavior in the last release.