Trying to use hxSerial lib with windows target!


i am trying to use OpenFL to support the GUI for my desktop app which will communicate with some micro controllers.

i am trying to use hxSerial windows target and it seems it is unable to use Lib.load("hxSerial","enumerateDevices",0); from cpp libs .


Neko and Windows both targets are not working.

is there any possibility i can do this in OpenFL ?


just found out this issue where :

Note that you may need to place the hxSerial.ndll file next to the .n neko binaries or cpp compiled executable for it to work.

i hope this will help someone in the future :slight_smile:

Perhaps the library could add an include.xml with an NDLL tag so the binary will be copied automatically?

The lib is quiet old and i guess i will do this at my end.