Trying to build project for android, keep getting the same error no matter what i do

Hello Everyone,
My file compiles fine for HTML, Windows, and Neko, but when I try and compile it I keep getting this error. I have setup my packages properly. The hierarchy goes src > com > app

My package is labeled as:

Error 1:
bin/html5/haxe/ApplicationMain.hx:208: characters 7-42 : Type not found : Main

Please Help me, I have spent all day trying to launch this for Android.

If that’s true, then your hierarchy needs to be src/android_Compile_Test/com/app. Or did you mean that your package is

Also, package names should be lowercase and without underscores. Try changing it to androidcompiletest.

That error won’t happen if you’re building for Android. Android uses the bin/android folder, not bin/html5.