Troubles when running OPENFL with atom

howdy folks,

i am trying to look at atom a bit. not really to a adopt it, but to look further at the plugins etc in side atom itself.

but on using OPENFL, i run into problems.
i have followed what i need in it, such as the extensions and plugins, but on running a project, it, well, runs into problems.

now ive been looking to see what i can do, but i cant find any info or a solution to the ploblem.
how can i run a project in atom?

here is a snapshot of the errors. and i get as to why they are happening, because i more than likely need to set a platform etc. but i cant find anything to help with it

many thanks

It looks like it’s calling haxe instead of openfl,
I’m not familiar with atom, what kind of options does-it have for build commande customization?

this is a snapshot of the settings for the haxe plugin. im not really familiar myself with atom :wink:

Doesn’t look like the haxe plugin support openfl,
can you modify the haxe:build in Keybindings -> Command?

ill have a look-see.
in the end im not too bothered since it is for research more than work. but then again, i have not seen anything on atom posted here. more to do with sublime or flash develop.

you might be able to hack it with an hxml that has -cmd openfl …

aye, ive been trying that. but kind of stopped because im not doing what i should be doing :wink:
ill come bark to it another time. but no real danger if i dont in the end :wink:

You can also try installing the atom-terminal-panel package and running openfl from the command line.