Trouble with embedding fonts from swf asset on html5 target

Hello. I have some problems with font embedding, can you help me?

I am using .swf assets in my project and i am compiling it for html5 target. In the .fla file i have embedded font like i did with pure flash:

Next, i create a textfield with dynamic text and the embedded font:

However, when i compile the project and test it, i get “Could not find required font “Bebas Neue Bold”, it has not been embedded” warning and the font is reset to some default one.

How can i fix it? Am i embedding the fonts in a wrong way?

You might have to embed it twice: once in the SWF, and once in your OpenFL project as an asset. Keep in mind that I’m just guessing here, and I have no idea if that will work.

I’ve managed to embed a font as an asset, just as desribed in the tutorial, but I had to make sure I’ve also included web versions of the font : .woff, .svg, .eot along with the .ttf

Solved the problem. Had to embed the fonts like in openfl tutorial, with .eot, .otf, .svg and .woff files in assets. Not sure if embedding fonts inside flash does anything at all. Thank you all for helping me with this.