Trouble after updating to openfl 8.4.1

Hello community,

I have trouble, updating openfl to 8.4.1.

I have (of cause) already updated to lime 7.0.0.

But after running the newly compiled .exe it flashes up for a short time. Then it vanishes again…

I have also tested it with a project that definitely runs through without errors.

It works with the previous versions of openfl and lime. But it vanishes with the updated versions.

I assume, that I have to do some further preperation or updates, right?

But what could it be?

I am thankful for any help.

Kind regards

Try 1.) Building your project using -debug, then 2.) Open Visual Studio Community and 3.) Select “Open Project” and browse to your compiled EXE and 4.) Click “Start” at the top

It will handle the crash and can give a better idea of where and why it exits :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply,

Of cause, I have also tried this before.

But regrettably this approach does not work in this case. When I set the debugging breakpoint to the first line within the main() function, the crash occurs anyway.

That’s why I assumed, that there is something I have to do to complement the update process. I thaught, that other people would have run into the same trouble otherwise.

Now I do not have the slightest clue, where to begin to look for the bug/ the misconfiguration of the system.

I work with IntelliJ Idea Professional Version as IDE. And the debugging plugin (by Eric Bishton).

But as the debugger does not work on IDE level, it’s probably quite unlikely, that this has an effect.

My constellation:
Windows 10,
Laptop, Acer Aspire ES1-572
Processor: Intel Core i3-6006U CPU @ 2.0 GHz, @ 2.0 GHZ
64-bit, x64 based processor

So I am still open (and thankful) for any suggestion.

Kind regards

If you follow the steps I said, you don’t need a breakpoint – it captures the crash, and if possible, shows the stack

Hello Joshua,

now I know the source of the issue.

It’s the debugger for IntelliJ (by Eric Bishton) started by a function from within the code.

When I disable this function, the debugged version of the compiled app starts as is it should after compilation.

It’s definitely a bug or at least some kind of incompatibility.

I just can’t tell who to address and to tell the issue without having the necessary insights to be sure.

I will leave you a note in the issue part on git hub anyway. I hope you don’t mind…
If I should contact Eric (the maintainer of the IntelliJ plugin), some facts, why the openFl update conflicts with lower versions of hxcpp-debugger would be great.

I do not have enough insights to be able to argue…

Kind regards

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Okay, thanks for finding this, would be great to have this written out so its possible to try and find a solution :slight_smile:

This is the link to the posted issue on github:

Let me know, if you need further informations.

Kind regards