TriangleMap renderer

I would like to improve my AtlasTriangle lib by adding an openfl renderer.
It would be great to have some kind of TriangleMap which would be like Tilemap but using triangles instead of tiles.

Atlases packed with triangles are great because they are smaller than the ones packed with rectangles.

Features I need:
-shader on individual sprite
-filter on individual sprite

I guess the easier way is to begin with the code behind Tilemap/GLTilemap/Tileset but do you have any advices?

Hmm, we might also be able to get drawTriangles hardware accelerated again. I do think hardware accelerated triangles or non-orthogonal meshes is important, been thinking about this since yesterday, discussing Spine support

It would be great to have accelerated drawTriangles,! I’m targeting c++.
Spine has an official support of starling btw and there is an openfl lib using drawTriangles.

So I have two ideas for how we could approach this

One is that we could consider changes to Tilemap to allow more arbitrary meshes, another is hardware-accelerated graphics.

The second approach (graphics) is something that would be nice long-term, open to considering if we should do anything with the first idea or not

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As far as I am concerned, I don’t mind if we need to draw triangles through graphics or some extended Tilemap API as long as it is hardware rendered and allows the reuse of vertex/uv arrays etc… But sooner I know which option will be hardware rendered, sooner I will work on implementing a renderer for the newly ported Spine runtime for haxe :slight_smile: (

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