TransformGestureEvent missing


this is not implemented yet? Is there an opinion to use freetransform or pinch like in Gestouch by another lib?

It looks like there are a few options:

…but an official solution contributed to OpenFL would be really nice, if someone’s interested in helping :slight_smile:

great, I onyl found the 7 years old gestouchx lib. I’ll try.

there’s a import helpers.Delayer; in the AssetsManager. does anyone have any idea where I can found this package?

ok, the delayer is easy to fix with an own nextframe script.

but now I get a Abstract openfl.Vector has no @:to function that accepts openfl._Vector.IVector
on this: var list:Vector>Dynamic> = new Vector>Dynamic>();

I’ll try to update the package to the current openfl/hace version, where can I find more infos on these errors.

This was a change in OpenFL for big performance improvement on the C++ target.

You cannot use Vector<Dynamic> anymore, but you can use Vector<openfl.utils.Object> if it’s a generic object type, or can make it more specific like Vector<Bool>, Vector<Sprite>, etc to also compile properly

I did some tests with the gessie üackage, that works almoust fine.

Any solution for this ? gesttouch has an issue