Trace() outputs no longer visible since upgrade

I just performed a haxelib upgrade (and upgraded a few libs amongst which openfl and lime) and since that, I can’t see my trace messages anymore (when compiling in standard mode).
On flash (lime test flash), the trace message do not appear on the screen whatever the background color (anyway, I tried to change the trace text color with Lib.setColor() but with no effect).
When testing on android, the trace messages that used to appear in the windows console do not appear anymore either.
So this is pretty annoying. Anyone knows how to turn these trace outputs on again for standard compile mode (not debug)?
I am not sure this issue is directly related to openfl though as I use haxeflixel and some of its lib have also been upgraded. But I guess the behaviour of low level functions like trace() are probably handeled in some lime or openfl configuration files so it is most probably an issue linked to the upgrade of these two.

Nothing has changed with Android, but Flash was changed to trace output to the command-line rather than on-screen, by default. This should make Flash more consistent with the other targets, and allows for much more output than what fits on-screen.

You can add -Dhaxetrace when building in order to restore the default Haxe behavior. What are you using to build? You should be getting output, just where you run openfl test flash and not on-screen

Thanks. using -Dhaxetrace works well on flash.
I am using lime to compile (lime test flash or lime test android). Whithout the -Dhaxetrace flag however, there is no trace message in the windows command prompt (i.e: console) as the “lime test flash” command immediatively return after launching (so I think the stdout stream of the console is closed).
On android, I retested it and actually I see the trace messages in the console now (whatever the -Dhaxetrace flag is used or not). So I don’t know why I couldn’t see them previously.