Touchpad scroll not working very well

Posted originally on I’m aware OpenFL supports only vertical mouse middle-button scroll (or known as a 2-finger touchpad scroll). Josh said Feathers detects MouseEvent.MOUSE_WHEEL events, but I played with Feathers TextArea and am experiencing an angle issue depending on how I slide the 2-finger at my laptop touchpad. The angle for the vertical scroll to work has to be exact, which is causing scroll to not work very well.

Also, since I’m playing with the TextArea in the Feathers site, the two-finger scroll or mouse wheel might end up scrolling the site instead of the example TextArea, which complicates yet more experimenting the scroll bar.

For now, it’s probably best to test locally using a project that fills the entire browser window, so that it won’t scroll the page. That should help avoid issues that aren’t related to the touchpad scroll specifically.

I just tested locally here and I could see it works better compared to the example embedded into the Feathers site guide. Still, the 2-finger touchpad scroll has to be at a best angle to work, which is a bit annoying.