To let turn Haxe/Neko/OpenFL/Ubuntu server on old material?

Hello everyone,
I have some opportunity to acquire at small fees an old server, a more than ten years I guess, Dell Poweredge E2950
I was thinking it may be an excellent opportunity to practice my db•server•client skills.
However, I am not a user of LInux, or command line world, and the age of the machine may limit the version of OS I may be able to turn on.
In my readings, Ubuntu 14.04 may work on it.
A retro version of MySQL server may work on it too.

The point is I do really not know - too novice to understand these backoffice specifities - if I could compile Neko or CPP and make them turn on the server.
I guess I would have to disable/not to use,specifical graphics behaviors, server side, but that’s the goal…

Whatever, maybe as user, you may have feedbacks or advices to better understand the whole thing before “wasting” a few hundred bucks…

I think Linux is pretty backwards-compatible. I’m not sure if you would be restricted from a newer version of Ubuntu, but even then, if you’re running server software (and not client-side software) then an older version of Ubuntu not only is fine, but is quite common. I was running 12.04 on our build server for quite some time, until I needed a version upgrade because we started building for Tizen, which supported 14.04 only at the time. We might still be building our binaries on 14.04, or perhaps 16.04 by now, but I tend to keep it older due to the libc version causing incompatibilities between systems if it’s too new. Easiest way to enforce an older libc is an older OS distribution :slight_smile:

As almost usual, thanks for your disponibility and advices
I was afraiding, that I would… I don’t know, have to retroversion all haxe, lime, cpp packages, and start doing resourcefulness.
More a loss than a catch thing.
But your saids sound inspiring ! I will give it a further look.

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