To enter romaji with openfl.text.TextField

Is it possible to enter romaji with openfl.text.TextField?
Currently, pressing the key confirms the entry, so you can not enter Japanese properly.
Originally does openfl.text.TextField support Japanese input?

How would we test this? and

We’d have to look at what’s going on with keypresses and inserting/injecting characters.

Edit: and generally fix up input text

You can check with the following URL.

If you press “k” “a” on the keyboard, it will become “kあ” instead of “か”.

Check out the last example in the first link I posted. That’s maybe how you’ll need to do it. It doesn’t currently work I don’t think, but I’ll look into it to see exactly how it works.

Flash has a fancier TextField (TLFTextField) that handles it automatically as you type, but we’d have to see if that’s something we should implement or not.

As a precaution, the output target is HTML5. When outputting to HTML 5, Japanese input can not be done normally.