Tips with isometric maps in openfl

howdy folks,

im currently getting some ideas down for a short game ive had a plan on. even started, which has been alright so far. but am just wondering about some things for isometric maps in openfl. and a prep for the future more than anything

remembering mister @grapefrukt game - rymdkapsel - this is not really the kind of gameplay im looking for. but the top down, isometric view is right up my alley of interest.
now, im looking at ‘openfl-tiled’ - since that do isometric type view. and whilst it has been great. it feels as if its a dead project [though that may just be me] - and would hate for it to not work or something due to lack of updates.
but on that, i have thought about 3d, in some way. whether that would be a better option - then all i do is change the angle of the camera. which i guess rymdkapsel is like that. because it is 3d.
im interested in how rymdkapsel is done to some affect. whether that does use a 3d thing or does its own crazy thing

its all a bit up in the air. but im just asking about - to see if anyone else know of some isometric type things for openfl. i know there is flixels own thing going on, but im not after using that :wink:

thanks if anyone can or could shed some light

It depends on your art assets and such, but I suspect 2D (with an isometric perspective) is much easier than 3D.

I want to keep working on the Tilemap API in OpenFL, which may make this functionality native. I would not hesitate to use something (like openfl-tiled) that might work now, swapping rendering later might not be a big deal

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yeah. im deciding to keep to 2d. just for ease more than anything right now :wink:

i actually forgot about tilemap to be honest. though with have a look-see at it. it would be good to stick to things that are being activily developed. rather than feeling that a third-party will end


any other pointers from folks is welcome :wink:

it’s definitely “to-do” and not finished, but happy to hear input on the direction, or if you’re interested in helping :wink:

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aye i will try to help all i can. just need to get this self-imposed video job out the way and im all game :wink:

buwhat i will do is look into tilemap more. then get an idea of what can or can not be good :wink:

Hey mate!
Figured out a good way of approaching your use-case? :slight_smile:
I’d be very interested in implementing it myself!

im currently messing with several ways. finding which one is easiest for now, then upgrade if need be.

too many choices :wink:

Haha fair enough. Which way have you had most success with? :slight_smile:

im juggling with a reaction of tiled maps. but then using scenes to handle stuff. im now looking at which could be better