Tilemap with animated tiles

Hello everybody. I am starting a game in where I will have ~300 tiles to make an isometric grid. Now, there will be 3 different tiles but all animated at the same time. The first approach that comes to my mind is to create a tileMap, and use a tileset with a bitmap with one tile and all the frames of the animation. Now I need to have the other 2 tiles and the ability to replace any tile in the map for other. ( its a battleship game so I need to have the grid “unrevealed”, the grid revealed with no boat, and the grid revealed with part of the boat).
Which is the best approach you consider is the best in terms of performance and size ( each tile has 128x128 px in the file and I scale it to 100:50 isometric tile.
It will be great if you give me hints to the best way to face it.

Thanks in advance

If you use Tilemap, I don’t think you need to worry.
Regarding animations with Tilemap, I have a simple class that could help a bit : TileClip