Tilemap: removeTiles(...) [Lime 5.4.0 & Openfl 6.1.0]

Now method removeTiles in Tilemap don’t remove anything if call it for remove ALL tiles:
To test it - add at standart example BunnyMark one line: “tilemap.removeTiles(0);” here

	private function stage_onMouseUp (event:MouseEvent):Void {
		addingBunnies = false;
		trace (bunnies.length + " bunnies");

at OpenFL 5.1.3 it erase all bunnies

at OpenFL 6.1.0 it don’t erase any bunnies

(note: if change it to tilemap.removeTiles(1); - behaviors are same - erase all except one)

Thanks for the report, should be fixed: