Tilemap low FPS on mobile

Hi Guys.

I’m using Tilemap for a spritesheet engine. It’s really good on pc, but, when i open my application on mobile, i have a big drop of FPS.
I have 15 Tilemap that pick the same Tileset and i create differents array of Tile for every Tilemap.
Theese 15 Tilemap must move indipendent. For this reason i have created 15

pc: 60 FPS
chrome android: 30 FPS
windows phone edge: 7 FPS

Can you help me?

Can you tell if the Windows Phone browser is using WebGL? If it falls back to canvas, it will limit the performance by a fair amount

If all of your graphics are within the same Tileset, you could use 1 Tilemap (and some extra code to realign the displaying tiles !)