Tile Array now showing up on iPad

I have a Tile Array of an explosion. (see code below) For some reason, the tile images in the array show up just fine when run on a desktop or laptop, but when run through an iPad, only a black box shows up. The strange thing is that the laser in the game uses the same type of Array (Tile) and shows up just fine on all devices.

The game is at http://roomrecess.com/mobile/Zap-A-Zoid/play.html
Here’s the code for the Explosion:

public var gExploSet:Tileset;
public var gExploMap:Tilemap;
public var groundExploSheetPic:BitmapData = Assets.getBitmapData("img/SheetGroundExplo.png");
gExploSet = new Tileset(groundExploSheetPic);
gExploMap = new Tilemap(stage.stageWidth, stage.stageHeight, gExploSet);
c = 0;
p = 0;
while (c < 14) {
var gExploTileInfo:Int = gExploSet.addRect(new Rectangle(p, 0, 300, 225));
var gExploPH:Tile = new Tile(gExploTileInfo);
gExplo[c].visible = false;
gExplo[c].y = 350;
p += 300;

Are you running native, or HTML5? If HTML5, have you seen if -Dcanvas works?