ThinQbator - Idea sharing social media


Countries other than the United States may not be supported as our legal team is very small sorry :frowning:

Hello there OpenFL community! My name is Joey I’m the co founder of ThinQbator, an idea-based social

media platform. We are different from what is generally considered a social media because we are made on

ideas, users ideas. We let users share idea posts, get inspiration and connect with each other, all while

maintaining rights over their ideas and feeling safe in the community. Our goal is to help people innovate on

their ideas and nurture success in talented individuals, at no cost to them! We are striving to continue to grow

the community, we would love to have you join us! :blush:


Harnessing the power of OpenFL to the core, allowing the app to effortlessly fit onto any screen size with

crystal clear vector graphics. Optimized speed for infinite scrolling and clean animations between states. Native

extensions allow the app to send push notifications, use native input text for android and ios, as well as share

intent thanks to impart by a noble effort from the github group Haxe Extensions.

Not only that OpenFL also gives incredible cross platform power to target android and ios using c++ with a

single code base, keeping things clean yet also allowing specific changes to different platforms, such as when

we add browser/desktop support :slight_smile:


Thank you to all of the people who have supported the 2 year development journey to finally get here on this

project, you know who you are and I appreciate you immensely and I couldn’t have done it without you.

If possible I’d also love to turn this post into a dev log if allowed, I want to grow and help developers on

the app development side, as I see games being the front but OpenFL can do so much as I hope ThinQbator

will be a great example of that! Thanks for taking the time to read this I’m so excited to finally share Cheers!

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ThinQbator is now fully haxe and everything front end is OpenFL, The team is getting closer to being able to provide a unique self built ui to every single platform possible and it’s all thanks to OpenFL. The final piece to the puzzle of all OpenFL frontend was the website, Moving forward I really want to document this journey and well as discuss the past and push openfl to be the best app building framework. I’m wondering @singmajesty if it would at all be possible to turn this post into a dev log, cheers :slight_smile:

What do you use for UI-your own library or some framework?

My own here ->
npm for website is just vanilla with resize snippets from app framework and native text node code when using the dom target.