The textfield doesnot autosize on html5 target

In the recent openfl version 3.0.8 , i notice textfields don’t autosize, unless they are left with some bigger width values. Whenever I apply autosize, they maintain a size such that it truncates a considerable part of text. Anyone else had this problem ? Thanks.

Tested 3.1 a moment ago and noticed the same.

I’m not sure I understand, when do they auto size, and when do they not?

It happens in HTML5 target.
For example, if I set a textfield to autosize, and fill in with some text = “ABCDEFGHIJ” then the width of textfield expands only upto “ABCDE”. The rest does not show.

To make it work, I must initialize the textfield with a very high width, say 500px. After that only, it seems to show the whole text, with textfield setting itself to right width. In this case, it will correct itself from 500px to 50px required to show “ABCDEFGHIJ”.

I think I got it:



Ok, thanks. I will test and let you know back, if I see it again.