THE MISSION (local multiplayer + level editor) now in open beta!

Happy New Year! THE MISSION has now entered its 6th year of development… However, it’s now in the next stage – open beta!! Follow the links below and download the game for your platform, and play it!


If you have any issues, please visit the forums and make a suggestion or leave a bug report. Thank you!


Congrats! I know that you can change the controls but it would be nice to add a quick screen to recall the controls just before the game start. Sadly I can’t test further until I find an opponent :slight_smile:

Nice idea! Shouldn’t be too hard, thanks :slight_smile:

Yes the general issue is finding another person(s) to play with! I suggest taking the game to the office and playing it after hours :3

This is a really solid game, Super fun to play with some friends, I still don’t have the hang of it yet though. I do a lot of multiplayer client to server infrastructure if you’d like I could help create some multiplayer if you are planning on going that route.

Thanks @PXshadow! I’m keeping it local multiplayer, I don’t want to get into online multiplayer with this game. Trying to wrap it up and move on to other projects :slight_smile: Thank you for the offer, I’m curious if you’re working on something multiplayer currently!

Yes I am working on somthing multiplayer :smiley: I’ve done games before but right now I’m working on a type of social media platform around being creative, still in the works I’ll post a showcase when here when it gets further along :smile:

Sorry for the late reply!! Cool, yes post it when ready, I’m curious what it is!

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