TextFormatAlign.JUSTIFY issue

Hi, im having issues with the TextFormatAlign.JUSTIFY , im posting an image where you can see the error that im having also im posting a link where you can see in action the bad behavior ( move the mouse around the stage to stetch or grow the text.)

, and also im posting the source code than im running , thanks

the link

the source code link

Thanks for the source code! Weā€™ll look into it

Thanks! Here you go :slight_smile:

Hi joshua, thanks but theres still issues

in neko the behavior is still the same as the first image of my first post.

To see the issue when the text grow throught the full windows. also im posting a github project

https://github.com/vega-7/TextFieldJustifyIssue ,
this because i added a text to trace the width where fails the Justify Align, also i update the link where you can see the issue

Im running openfl on a windows 8.0 machine , i updated openfl to 8.1.1 and i did the change ā€œImprove word-wrapping for justified textā€, but im still having issues with this.


Okay, trickier to find, but this seems to do it:

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:


Hi Joshua, i got sick till now i had returned to work , i did checked the fix and it works very well, thanks man a lot for your patient and support

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Sorry to hear that, hope you had a full recovery :slight_smile:

Hi joshua i did implemented the last fix but unfortunately my client found a bug


i did changed the github project with the string , which reveals this bug, and also i updated the link where you can see the bug in action.


Anyone can help me with this,. its has been almost a week since i post this last bug,. thanks

Here, try this fix: https://github.com/openfl/openfl/commit/dce3409715a6ff56e8e4bc6d823c61db4a053dac

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Hi joshua, now its really working as it should i did a double check of this fix in html5 and Neko ,ā€¦ thanks a lot man

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