TextFormat letterSpacing doesn’t work for iOS and Android

Hello all!
TextFormat letterSpacing does work for flash target, but doesn’t work for iOS and Android.

Test project with this bug - https://github.com/dadon/TestFonts

What can be done to make it works?

We will need to update the openfl.text.TextField class to take this into account when calculating glyph positions, and make sure that the renderers (Cairo, canvas, DOM) for text respect this setting :slight_smile:

Hi Joshua!
Is there any chances that you will help us with this bug? :slight_smile:
We are currently working on this game: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id960331678?mt=8
And now reworking UI for new update. It will be brand new, with a lot of attention to details like fonts. But we have stuck with this bug and release is scheduled in a few weeks.
Would appreciate your help!

I’m also trying to user letterSpacing–it appears that the variable is unused in all of openFL and lime? Would be a very nice feature to have functional at some point, but at the very least it seems like it shouldn’t be listed in the API? It’s confusing to have nonfunctional variables there.

Yeah, there are some fields that are present so that code will compile without complaining, but I agree it would be ideal to support it.

We would (ideally) need to see if Harfbuzz (our library on native targets) supports this feature. The other issue is canvas text.

I see some information here, I’m not sure if either supports letter spacing out of the box?