TextField.scrollV does not function correctly on a Windows Build

Sorry for the long-winded title, but I had a hard-ish time summarizing it.

From what I’ve seen, ScrollV does not work on Windows, only on flash.
I’m currently using “_textField.scrollV = _textField.text.length;” to get it to default to the bottom of the textbox. This works perfectly fine on flash, yet on windows it does not seem to work in the slightest.

I’m wondering if the error is caused by either my method of doing it, or the fact that the library I’m using, has a severely outdated version of OpenFL.
(Specifically, a version of OpenFL 3.)

scrollV is the line number. To get the last line use _textField.numLines

This should work, I think :stuck_out_tongue:
_textField.scrollV = _textField.numLines;

You’re setting scrollV to the character count which is out of range. Flash must use numLines if the value is higher than numLines, so it works, Maybe windows defaults to 1 if value is out of range.

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Ah, that makes sense. It does explain why only one was working.

Thanks again, Dean. >~<