TextField.restrict problem on HTML5 target

Hi devs, I upgraded to OpenFl 5.1.3 and Lime 5.1.0 and have problem on text TextField.restrict.
on OpenFl 5.1.1 and Lime 5.0.2 I had not such error.

loanInputTxt.restrict = '. 0-9%';
LoadData.hx:84 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null
at Function.lime_text_unifill_Unifill.uCompare (Unifill.hx:120)
at Object.lime_text__$UTF8String_UTF8String_$Impl_$.equals (UTF8String.hx:283)
at openfl__$internal_text_TextEngine.set_restrict (TextEngine.hx:1382)
at openfl_text_TextField.set_restrict (TextField.hx:1869)

Am I missing something or it is bug?

Thank you! I just reproduced your issue here, and I believe I have the fix

Can you give it a try?

@singmajesty yap compiled, no errors.

Great, thank you

I re-released Lime 5.1.0 with this minor patch. If anyone gets stuck with this problem, please remove and install Lime 5.1.0 again.