TextField in html5 -Ddom target

There is a problem whem i try to use this line of code:

var description_headline:TextField = new TextField();
		description_headline.setTextFormat(new TextFormat(null, 16, 0xffffff));
		description_headline.text = "Have fun creating simple pixelart platform games" + "\n" +
									"- Create tiles, items, fully animated characters" + "\n" +
									"- Adds functionality to tiles, characters and items" + "\n" +
									"- Compose music and sound effects in 8bit or chiptune style" + "\n" + "\n" +
									"All this without touching a line of code";
		description_headline.width = description_headline.textWidth + 20;
		description_headline.height = description_headline.textHeight;
		description_headline.x = stage.stageWidth * .5 - 720 * .5 + space;
		description_headline.y = 120;

for some reason the text dont enter in other line just one line, the ā€œ\nā€ dont work

Would you mind trying to set multi-line to true?

You may also need to set defaultTextFormat for it to work as you expect

All the lines flow down now, but the ā€œ\nā€ dont work, I will try to use multiline anyway, Thanks!